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Volume Three

Articles first published in the third volume of the sixth edition (1817) of Isaac D’Israeli’s Curiosities of Literature.

  1. The Pantomimical Characters
  2. Extempore Comedies
  3. Massinger, Milton, and the Italian Theatre
  4. Songs of Trades, or Songs for the People
  5. Introducers of Exotic Flowers, Fruits, &c.
  6. Usurers of the Seventeenth Century
  7. Chidiock Titchbourne
  8. Elizabeth and her Parliament
  9. Anecdotes of Prince Henry, the Son of James I., when a Child
  10. The Diary of a Master of the Ceremonies
  11. Diaries—Moral, Historical, and Critical
  12. Licensers of the Press
  13. Of Anagrams and Echo Verses
  14. Orthography of Proper Names
  15. Names of Our Streets
  16. Secret History of Edward Vere, Earl of Oxford
  17. Ancient Cookery and Cooks
  18. Ancient and Modern Saturnalia
  19. Reliquiæ Gethinianæ
  20. Robinson Crusoe
  21. Catholic and Protestant Dramas
  22. The History of the Theatre During its Suppression
  23. Drinking-Customs in England
  24. Literary Anecdotes
  25. Condemned Poets
  26. Acajou and Zirphile
  27. Tom O’ Bedlams
  28. Introduction of Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate
  29. Charles the First’s Love of the Fine Arts
  30. The Secret History of Charles I. and his Queen Henrietta
  31. The Minister—The Cardinal Duke of Richelieu
  32. The Minister—Duke of Buckingham, Lord Admiral, Lord General, &c. &c. &c.
  33. Felton, the Political Assassin
  34. Johnson’s Hints for the Life of Pope

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