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Second Series

Articles from Isaac D’Israeli’s ‘A Second Series of Curiosities of Literature: consisting of researches in literary, biographical, and political history, of critical and philosophical inquiries, and of secret history,’ first published in 1823.

  1. Modern Literature—Bayle’s Critical Dictionary
  2. Characteristics of Bayle
  3. Cicero Viewed as a Collector
  4. The History of the Caraccis
  5. An English Academy of Literature
  6. Quotation
  7. The Origin of Dante’s Inferno
  8. Of a History of Events Which Have not Happened
  9. Of False Political Reports
  10. Of Suppressors and Dilapidators of Manuscripts
  11. Parodies
  12. Anecdotes of the Fairfax Family
  13. Medicine and Morals
  14. Psalm-Singing
  15. On the Ridiculous Titles Assumed by the Italian Academies
  16. On the Hero of Hudibras; Butler Vindicated
  17. Shenstone’s Schoolmistress
  18. Ben Jonson on Translation
  19. The Loves of “The Lady Arabella”
  20. Domestic History of Sir Edward Coke
  21. Of Coke’s Style, and His Conduct
  22. Secret History of Authors who have Ruined their Booksellers
  23. Local Descriptions
  24. Masques
  25. Of Des Maizeaux, and the Secret History of Anthony Collins’s Manuscripts
  26. History of New Words
  27. The Philosophy of Proverbs
  28. Confusion of Words
  29. Political Nicknames
  30. The Domestic Life of a Poet—Shenstone Vindicated
  31. Secret History of the Building of Blenheim
  32. Secret History of Sir Walter Rawleigh
  33. An Authentic Narrative of the Last Hours of Sir Walter Rawleigh
  34. Literary Unions
  35. Of a Biography Painted
  36. Cause and Pretext
  37. Political Forgeries and Fictions
  38. Expression of Suppressed Opinion
  39. Autographs
  40. The History of Writing-Masters
  41. The Italian Historians
  42. Of Palaces Built by Ministers
  43. “Taxation no Tyranny”
  44. The Book of Death
  45. History of the Skeleton of Death
  46. The Rival Biographers of Heylin
  47. Of Lenglet du Fresnoy
  48. The Dictionary of Trevoux
  49. Quadrio’s Account of English Poetry
  50. “Political Religionism”
  51. Toleration
  52. Apology for the Parisian Massacre
  53. Prediction
  54. Dreams at the Dawn of Philosophy
  55. On Puck the Commentator
  56. Literary Forgeries
  57. Of Literary Filchers
  58. Of Lord Bacon at Home
  59. Secret History of the Death of Queen Elizabeth
  60. James the First, as a Father and a Husband
  61. The Man of One Book
  62. A Bibliognoste
  63. Secret History of an Elective Monarchy
  64. Buildings in the Metropolis, and Residence in the Country
  65. Royal Proclamations
  66. True Sources of Secret History
  67. Literary Residences
  68. Whether Allowable to Ruin Oneself?
  69. Discoveries of Secluded Men
  70. Sentimental Biography
  71. Literary Parallels
  72. The Pearl Bibles, and Six Thousa Errata
  73. View of a Particular Period of the State of Religion in Our Civil Wars
  74. Buckingham’s Political Coquetry with the Puritans
  75. Sir Edward Coke’s Exceptions Against the High Sheriff’s Oath
  76. Secret History of Charles I. and his First Parliaments
  77. The Rump
  78. Life and Habits of a Literary Antiquary

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