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It was Esdras who wrote what is at the conclusion of the Books of Moses; which, as the death of the latter is there mentioned, shews he could not have been the author. He, also, at the return from the Babylonish captivity, arranged into one body the Scriptures; and many assure us, on the authority of the ancients, that he corrected it in eighteen passages which had been greatly altered and falsified. Is there not reason to fear that he still has left so much to correct, that the body of writings, which pass under the name of the Holy Scriptures, is little entitled to that sacred appelation? Its corruptions and errors are at least evident. Hobbes perfectly discredits Moses being the author of the Pentateuch, in his Leviathan. It appears that Moses delivered to Joshua some materials, which he deposited in the ark; that Joshua gave them to the Judges or Elders; and that, in the course of time, they took the arrangement in which they now appear.

To this article we may add, that it is well known to those who are most intelligent in Biblical literature, that a great number of books of the Old Testament are lost: some have affirmed that we are deprived of more than we possess. It is agreed, that there are lost a book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah; the third Epistle to the Corinthians; and the third Epistle of Peter. Samuel wrote a book on the Office and Instruction of a King; Solomon compiled a work containing three thousand Parables, and five thousand and ninety Songs; and some Treatises on the Nature of Trees, Plants, and Herbs, from the Cedar to the Hyssop; which are also lost.