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Barbier’s Epitaph

Loius Barbier, a man of obscure birth, rose by the favour of the Duke of Orleans, whose Preceptor he was. He became Bishop of Langres, and died in 1670, leaving one hundred crowns to him who should compose his epitatph. This reward, it must be supposed, occasioned a number of candidates. the following lines, written on this occasion, if they did not prove successful, have at least the merit of sincerity—

                        ‘Cy gît un très grand personage,
                         Qui fût d’un illustre lignage;
                         Qui posseda mille vertues;
Qui ne trompa jamais; qui fût toujours sage—
                         Je n’en dirai pas d’avantage;
                         C’est trop mentir pour cent Ecus!'