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The Four Perfect Women!

MAHOMET informs us that among men many have been found perfect; but among women only four. This is an incivility which is not even excuseable in a Prophet. He even mentions the four fortunate ladies: Asa, the wife of Pharaoh; Mary the daughter of Imran; Khadijah the daughter of Khowailed; and Fatima the daughter of Mahomet. How it happened that the Prophet felt such a partiality for the wife of Pharaoh, of whom the world knows nothing, is a mystery not for us to penetrate. But there is good reason to know why he was so favourable to the other three perfect ladies; one was his nurse, one his wife, and the other his daughter! Should a wit offer the slightest raillery on this absurdity in Constantinople, he would there cease to be a wit, and would become a heretic. The opinions of men are not less distant from each other than their residence.

Editor’s Notes

I’m obliged to Mr Abu-Khalid for pointing out that Mary is not his [Mahomet’s] nurse, but rather the mother of Jesus.