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Chinese Physicians

THE Physicians of China, by feeling the arms of a sick man in three places; to observe the slowness, the increase, or quickness, of the pulse, can judge of the cause, the nature, the danger, and the duration, of his disorder. Without their patient’s speaking, they reveal infallibly what part is affected. They are at once Doctors and Apothecaries, composing the remedies they prescribe. They are paid when they have compleated a cure; but they receive nothing when their remedies do not take effect. Our Physicians, it must be confessed, are by no means so skilful as the Chinese: but, in one thing, they have the advantage over them; which is, in taking their fees before they have performed the cure. And it is thus that Physicians, with little or no learning, ride in their chariots in London; while, in Pekin, they are very learned, and walk on foot.