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The Great and Little Turk

TITLES frequently remain when the occasions of making them are forgotten. Perhaps few know why the Ottoman Emperor is called The Great Turk: it is not, as some have imagined, to distinguish him from his own subjects. This was the occasion. Mahomet the Second was the first of these Emperors on whom the Chrstians bestowed the title of the Great Turk. It was not owing to his great actions that this splendid title was accorded to him, but to the vast extent of his dominions, in comparison with those of the Sultan of Iconia, or Cappadocia, his contemporary, who was distinguished by the title of The Little Turk. After the taking of Constantinople, Mahomet the Second deprived the latter of his domains; and stlll preserved the title of the Great Turk, though the propriety of it, by this accident, was lost.