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A FRIEND observes, that he had remarked, in reading Gibbon, two matters, in which he has been grossly mistaken. One was, the Standard of our English Coin, when he compares it, in a note, with that of some Foreign Coin he had to estimate. The other point was, when, in speaking of a religious sect who used to fast on certain days, he adds—“They probably derived this custom from that of the Jews fasting on their sabbath.” This is a flagrant error; since it has always been their custom, rather to indulge in festal enjoyments on that day. It is, with them, a rule to observe no Fast on the Sabbath, though it might be the anniversary of the most remarkable event. The day of Expiation is the only Fast permitted to be kept on the Seventh day.

The passages here alluded to have not yet been discovered. I insert this slight criticism, merely for the information respecting the Jews.