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Arabic Proverbs

THERE are Persons who set out vigorously, but soon flag, and go back; like a star which promises rain, and immediately leaves the sky clear. This poetical thought Schultens interprets of such as make large promises, and even design to execute them, but fall short, for want of constancy and resolution.

Every one living is cut down by Death: happy the man who is mowed down green! This beautiful sentiment requires no illustration.

Why are you displeased at the words of one who advises with sincerity; since such a person mends your torn cloaths? Here it is observed, that mending what is torn, is applied, in a figurative sense, to the ill condition of the mind.

The cure of a proud man is performed by driving out his buzzing fly, and taking Satan out of has nostrils. Here Schultens remarks, that the noisy boastings of the haughty man are beautifully represented by the troublesome and insignificant buzzing of a large fly.

The dam of the roaring BEAST is not very prolific; but the dam of the barking BEAST produces many whelps. By the roaring Beast, is here meant the Lion; by the barking Beast, the Dog. The sense of the proverb is—That persons of great and elevated accomplishments are but few; those of a contrary character, very numerous.