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On the Notes Variorum

THE Notes Variorum were, originally, but a compilation of notes drawn from those numerous critics who had laboured on the best authors, or had explained them in other works. The first collections were very indifferent, their selectors possessing no powers of discrimination. Frequently, they have chosen the worst; they bring no proofs from the authors whom they have abridged; and they are continually maiming their ideas. To make their collectlons bulky, they have written as much on the clear as on the obscure passages, and have swelled them with very frivolous digressions.

The later editions of the Notes Variorum have been made by more able compilers. As they are so much the more preferabIe to the preceding ones, the public has received them with favour; and scholars have been glad to have compleat coIlections of the most valued criticisms, to consult them at their need.