About the Author

A few weeks before my thirty-fourth birthday, in October 2002, I made up my mind to open a public weblog, journal and scrapbook. Exactly five years later, I closed it. I lived these years with my beautiful wife, our dog and two cats in an apartment in an hotel in the town of Karlskrona on the Baltic coast of southern Sweden, where I worked as an IT consultant for a telecoms company.

I was born and grew up in the South Wales valleys, and attended University in London. I lived in Cardiff and Bristol, before moving to Italy (specifically Rome) for two years. Prior to relocating to Scandinavia, I spent a few years more in the UK, variously in Wales, Warwickshire and Surrey.

Self-portrait, Oct. '06

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About the Giornale

My Giornale Nuovo began some time before I’d heard of weblogs or on-line journals, as a heading I thought up for a tentative collection of notes that I’d begun typing into a Word document on my office PC. In fact, at that time I had no web-access from my work-station at all. The first of these notes was dated August 31st 1999...

Giornale is Italian for journal or diary (or newspaper) and nuovo simply means new. I meant that this was new when compared to the handwritten diaries I’d previously kept. My use of Italian was not entirely pretentious, as my time in Rome was still fresh in my memory, and I’d picked up a smattering of the language during my time there.

My few diary-style entries were interspersed with ideas for stories, essays, etc., and never amounted to more than a few pages in total. Even so, I made sure to bring them with me when we made our move from the UK to Sweden at the end of August 2000. A few months after our arrival here, my curiosity was pricked by an entry about on-line diaries in the memepool web-log (one of the first such I had discovered), which led me to find the Open Diary site. I began my Giornale in earnest there on January 5th 2001. By October of that same year I’d surprised myself by accumulating almost 82,000 words. Another 57,000 followed in a second instalment that kicked off at the end of January 2002.

This public version of my Giornale, began as a continuation of my ‘Open Diary,’ but changed over its first two years such that it became much more a kind of scrapbook and much less a day-by-day diary than before. I came to consider it an accumulation of inconsequential notices in the shape of a web-log. By the end of 2006, my enthusiasm for the whole endeavour had begun to falter, and I resolved to bring it to a close on its fifth anniversary.

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