October 22, 2007

Thank You, and Goodnight!

I began this Giornale five years ago today, and feel like today is as good a day as any to end it. This last year my enthusiasm for weblogging has subsided, and I prefer to make a clean end to it now, rather than allow it to suffer a slower demise by neglect. Comments will be disabled at the end of the month, but I intend to keep everything on-line for at least a couple more years.

First of three details of illustrations in Luigi Serafini's book 'Pulcinellopedia Piccola.'

I am very grateful to everyone who has participated in this site in any way. Special thanks go to Michelangelo, for his fine contributions to its upkeep. My heartfelt thanks also to all who have suggested ideas for entries, provided links, and to those artists who have generously sent me examples of their work. Mille grazie to all of you who have commented, read, or just stopped by to look at the pictures.

Second of three details of illustrations in Luigi Serafini's book 'Pulcinellopedia Piccola.'

The three images here are details from illustrations in Luigi Serafini’s book Pulcinellopedia Piccola. These have been reproduced without permission, only for as long as no-one objects to their presence on this site. Arrivederci, thank you, and goodnight!

Last of three details of illustrations in Luigi Serafini's book 'Pulcinellopedia Piccola.'

* * *
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Posted by misteraitch at October 22, 2007 10:16 AM

Even I always read G.N., i dont use to participate; it has been a gret blog!

Please, get back, even with another typus of blog.

Good morning and good look!

Posted by: Óscar on October 22, 2007 10:20 AM

You realise that I am sorry to learn the news.

Just one request: please do not take the Giornale down, or please find a way for people to have access to the material in it somehow. It is a valuable resource to too many of us.


Posted by: Loxias on October 22, 2007 11:24 AM

Oh! I found this blog to be really bloody good; you have supplied my rss reader with interesting posts for some time now.

Thanks a million for all the work you've put in, and warmest wishes for whatever is is you'll get up to in the future.

Posted by: icecube on October 22, 2007 12:03 PM

I am very sorry to hear this, but I enormously respect your decision to make a clean cut.

Posted by: Pierce on October 22, 2007 12:06 PM

All the best, misteraitch, and thanks for the fascinating weblog.

Posted by: RobW on October 22, 2007 01:20 PM

This is sad news--but thank you so much for all the inspiration and also for your support of my work. Iots really been a pleasure.
Love, Judith

Posted by: Judith on October 22, 2007 01:35 PM

This is sad news--but thank you so much for all the inspiration and also for your support of my work. Its really been a pleasure.
Love, Judith

Posted by: Judith on October 22, 2007 01:35 PM

Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that. I visit your blog each time you update it, and I think it's probably one of the top ten in its subject. ¿Some chance to change your mind?

All the best.

Posted by: Jorge on October 22, 2007 01:42 PM

I'll be sorry to see you go - in a sea of boring blogs, this one was always interesting.

Posted by: dan visel on October 22, 2007 02:12 PM

I have found Giornale to be indispensable. I'm very grateful to you for introducing me to any number of things I would otherwise never have had an inkling of. I hope you will keep the archived material available indefinitely, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope we will hear from you again, in whatever form it may take.

Best wishes and best of health to you in your future pursuits.


Posted by: Chris Kearin on October 22, 2007 02:21 PM

Giornale Nuovo has been a very rich part of my blogging experience since I began 3 1/2 years ago and I will miss it greatly. Five years is a long time, and thank you for it. Best wishes in your other creative pursuits, misteraitch.

Posted by: Marja-Leena on October 22, 2007 02:31 PM

I could have had better news on a Monday morning! As most have said, however, good luck and godspeed. You have done yeoman service in providing this effort and the love shows.

Thanks for being one of the handful of sites I look at every day. Best of luck in all you do.

Posted by: Steve on October 22, 2007 02:58 PM

Sad news indeed. Giornale has been included on my daily "to read" list since shortly after its launch, and I've learned something from every post you've made. I hope you'll consider leaving the archives online for posterity. It is valuable -- and eloquently written and illustrated -- information. Thank you for these past five years, and good luck to you in the future.

Posted by: Scott on October 22, 2007 03:16 PM

This blog opened my eyes to the possibilities inherent to the medium. The quality has always been exceptional, and it is a sad loss to us, your erstwhile readers. On the bright side, I suppose I have five years of archives to read through, and I am grateful for that.


Posted by: James Ashley on October 22, 2007 04:23 PM

Thank you for all the time and effort put into this project. I'm going to miss your site !

Posted by: Raphas on October 22, 2007 04:25 PM

Those are very very sad news, and the aesthetic and cerebral satisfaction that your blog has continuously provoked will, I think, remain unique. Best wishes for all and any future ventures, and thank you for all the worlds you discovered for me.

Posted by: marta on October 22, 2007 04:53 PM

I can understand you perfectly, yet, why to declare you're are going to end blogging for good, rather, then maybe take a break, do other things, and maybe getting back with some new ideas and concepts?
Well, it is my wishful thinking as i am sure shared with many others!

Your site was a rich source of visual and textual beauties and rarities of old, ancient and bizarre artifacts, drawings and historical less known genius people, I've learnt and enjoyed always visiting and reading your findings and insights

You'll be missed
do you have other interesting planes now? Will you write your own book? :)

Take care


Posted by: moon on October 22, 2007 05:03 PM

Sad to see you stop but it's perfectly understandable. Thanks for the great blog. You've created a wonderful gift to the world.

Posted by: Jeff on October 22, 2007 05:06 PM

Thank you, it was a great read... bon voyage!

Posted by: Derek on October 22, 2007 05:31 PM

Your blog has always been a source of amazement and enjoyment for me.

Best wishes on whatever you go on to next.

Posted by: Brian on October 22, 2007 05:34 PM

Thank you. And thank you for having a "farewell" post, instead of just letting the blog languish.

I wish we learned more about you.

Posted by: jhn on October 22, 2007 06:07 PM

Thanks for the wonderful and fascinating blog! I'm sorry to see it go, but I've certainly rarely seen a more graceful exit. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Posted by: Gabriel on October 22, 2007 06:38 PM

Thanks for the great job you did, and best wishes.

Posted by: Juanjo on October 22, 2007 06:43 PM

Thank you, I have enjoyed your blog tremendously. It is a wonderful resource. Sad to see it go but I'm sure I'll refer back to it often.

Posted by: Gwen on October 22, 2007 06:56 PM

This is very sad news.

Thank you for everything.

Posted by: james on October 22, 2007 07:01 PM

You'll be much missed. Thank you for making this such a beautiful place for the last five years.

Posted by: sharon on October 22, 2007 07:21 PM

Well, it's sad to see the end of one of the finest blog, but now I only want to thank you for all this sensational work: your transcription of the Curiosities of Literature is a feat.

Un abrazo, misteraitch.

Posted by: C. Rancio on October 22, 2007 08:04 PM

We couldn't have lost a better blog. Thanks for all your hard work over the years; I'm sure (hope?) we'll meet again online someday...

Posted by: Michael M. on October 22, 2007 08:19 PM

Many thanks for your labors: you've given us some fantastic material to work with.

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner on October 22, 2007 09:07 PM

The repetition of the same words, expressing gratitude for sharing all this material with us, sorrow for the interruption and wishing you good luck with anything you do next, has a stronger effect than anything original one might say. So, without further ado:

Thank you for all this, and good luck.

Posted by: π2 on October 22, 2007 09:56 PM

Goodbye and thank you, aitch. Bon chance.

Posted by: Matt on October 22, 2007 10:00 PM

Sad to see you go, I've so greatly enjoyed your postings!

Posted by: Ben Hyde on October 22, 2007 10:30 PM

Your blog was a great inspiration for me!
I'm sorry for the end of it, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Posted by: Assaf on October 22, 2007 10:48 PM

this is so heartbreaking to me.i will miss so much knowdlege from now on.
but always my best in everything, and thank you for all the inspiration.

Posted by: d. on October 22, 2007 11:25 PM

What a ride!
Thanks so much and good luck in your ventures.

Posted by: raymond on October 23, 2007 12:56 AM

It has been a great journey these years with your blog and art! Thanks so much for your work and great insights on all your entries and commentaries.

Wish you the best, and the "rest is literature" like Verlaine wrote.


Posted by: Gerry Munoz on October 23, 2007 01:51 AM

someone who never posts comment but misteraitch your blog will be missed here. thanks and all best to you

Posted by: Rex on October 23, 2007 02:12 AM

Your blog was one in a million. Maybe one in five million.
But we understand that it is a lot of work too!
Thanks for everything!!!

Posted by: eva on October 23, 2007 02:50 AM

NO!!! I followed silently this blog (it came to justify its species) and always enjoyed its generous contents. I owe to you the discovering of many excellent wonders and I grieve seeing the cancellation.. why good things must end?

I thank you sir, and bid you farewell.

Posted by: Mantícora on October 23, 2007 04:06 AM

I discovered your site just recently and was amazed by the selection of art on it. Then I started reading it and was very fascinated by the subjects you choose. It is really sad to hear you're quitting it without me having participated more on subjects that are very close to my interests and passions. Anyway, I wish you much success and happiness in any pursuits you choose for your future.

Thank you very much,


Posted by: Doug on October 23, 2007 04:52 AM

Inimitable aitch -

Tremendous thanks always. Be well, be safe, know you and your work are loved. As others have said I will miss you/your work immeasurably. Blogging is very tiring... it is hard to "feel" any response and sustain the energy to continue. Five years is nothing short of amazing. (Please keep the pages up...?!?!) Blessings and thanks.

deb in ny

Posted by: deborah on October 23, 2007 06:52 AM

It' so sad. I will miss this blog.
Thank you for everything!
Thank you for your giveaways...!

Posted by: P. C: on October 23, 2007 06:57 AM

I'm very sorry to see you go. This has been my favorite art blog; I've learned a great deal here and seen many wonderful things. Thanks!

Posted by: Carl on October 23, 2007 08:07 AM

As number 44 of those lamenting your passing, there's little I can add to the sad farewells. I may not have commented very often, but GN has provided an education in the arcane, eccentric & waywardly beautiful & I'm very sorry that this window on the variousness of art is to be closed.

There is a fascinating book to be compiled from all your backpages. I wonder if there's any prospect of that coming to pass.

Posted by: Dick on October 23, 2007 09:09 AM

Thank you very much for this weblog !

Quel dommage que vous l'arrêtiez ! Mais je comprends que la nécessité de l'alimenter régulièrement soit une charge qui finisse par lasser... Nous nous souviendrons de ce lieu de rêverie et de raffinement, merci.

Posted by: Tulapi on October 23, 2007 09:32 AM

So sorry to hear this... this blog has been a great great source of ideas inspiration and marvel!

Posted by: sergio on October 23, 2007 11:09 AM

Having discovered GN about halfway through its lifespan, I will have the solace of going through its archives for quite a while. I want this box of chocolates to last!
Thank you very much for putting together my favourite blog, and yet more thanks for granting me the privilege of contributing to it. What a treat to share some of my hobbyhorses with your readers! Until next time,

Posted by: Michelangelo on October 23, 2007 02:21 PM

Thank you (Serafini tempts me to say, "Thanks for the mummeries"), and may your next endeavor be as rewarding, for yourself and for your audience.

Posted by: nnyhav on October 23, 2007 03:38 PM

I'll be sorry to see you go. GN has been, consistently, one of the smartest, best-designed blogs on the internet.

Posted by: joseph duemer on October 23, 2007 03:49 PM

Strangely, Giornale Nuovo has been one of the first blogs I discover and one of my favourites.
I am very sorry to read this last post however I respect your decision even if it frustrates us.
Merci pour tous ces fantastiques/inédites/surprenantes publications qui nous ont émerveillés et permis de connaître tant de beautés variées.
Bon vent pour vos nouvelles activités !

Posted by: Tecamachalco on October 23, 2007 07:09 PM

What they all said. Thanks for everything.

Posted by: bhikku on October 23, 2007 08:01 PM

I only discovered your blog a few months ago, and am very sad to hear you'll be stopping for now. It has been a most rich source of inspiration both visually and conceptually, and I am very grateful for it. But you must surely know that images are addictive (some of us call it iconomania), and so you're bound to return, in another guise perhaps, to make more exquisite offerings of rare finds to your avid if select public. Please do.

Posted by: Luna Traherneana on October 23, 2007 08:24 PM

Well what is 5 years in a life time?
it is your duty to enterteen us, so stop whining
and get back to work. Motivation is for wooossies

Arriverdici Ciao mi famiglia.
See you around !

Posted by: Hemaworstje on October 23, 2007 08:52 PM

What a sad day, brightened only by the thought that you shall no doubt move on to happier and more ambitious things. You have been an inspiration!

Posted by: Young Geoffrion on October 23, 2007 10:01 PM

sorry to hear you're giving up, its been an inspiration, and I'm sure I'll pop back to look at the archives regularly.

Thanks very much for having entertained and inspired up.


Posted by: paulm on October 23, 2007 10:46 PM

missing you already ... no doubt massed choirs of beer-stained ex-coalminers will be singing "we'll keep a welcome" even as i weep

Posted by: tristan forward on October 23, 2007 10:51 PM

Thank you very much for your blog!

May your future endeavors bring you as much joy and satisfaction as your blog had brought to us.

Sincerely, Lena.

Posted by: Lena on October 23, 2007 10:58 PM

bon voyage! thank you for so tirelessly curating this wonderful online museum. I will miss it terribly.

Posted by: fawn lust on October 24, 2007 02:21 AM

"Let my hands proclaim that my eyes have loved."

-- illustrator and writer Hannes Bok

Posted by: Andre on October 24, 2007 05:08 AM

Those are very sad news. I really would like you keep doing the wonderful things you do here, but well, you have your reasons.

I hope you change your mind.

Thanks for had shared all the great artists.

Take care.

Posted by: Bibi on October 24, 2007 05:33 AM

I feel like I'm losing a friend. Best of luck to you, and thank you.

Posted by: bioephemera on October 24, 2007 05:42 AM

Sad to see you go but I appreciate all the amazing art your blog has introduced me to over the years. Art blogging is a strange thing as the audience is invisible and rarely speaks its mind, so I can understand the struggle to maintain interest. But don't be afraid to bring it back if the motivation hits you!

Posted by: Aeron on October 24, 2007 08:38 AM

Best wishes & expansive thanks.

Posted by: Staccato J. on October 24, 2007 09:40 AM

Thanks a million for all you've taught us over the years.
You will be much missed, and fondly remembered. Maybe all those wonderful posts would be worth organising as a static website?

I won't try to change your mind, but, I still can ask loaded questions : Have you ever considered other media, like say, writing a book?
Your passion, culture and writing skills deserve nothing less.

In the hope of hearing from you again, no matter in what channel, I wish you favorable winds for all your endeavours and "rose et jasmin sur ton chemin" !

Posted by: Abie on October 24, 2007 01:10 PM

Thank you so much for all the memorable posts. I will really miss this blog -- it has always been one of my favorites!

Posted by: Midori on October 24, 2007 05:35 PM

As an artist I've found this blog to be very interesting. Besides "Final Girl" it is the only one I check every day. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Posted by: Benz on October 24, 2007 06:20 PM

very sorry to see you go, but very glad you will be keeping the blog online. I wish you would consider keep it up longer, or editing some of it together as a book. this blog is truly one of the best things on the internet.

I certainly don't begrudge you a retirement from the regular effort of producing more content, but I think I'd hate to lose access to all of the wonderful words and images you already have shared with us.

Posted by: jann on October 24, 2007 10:24 PM

Thank you for the lovely times, misteraitch. And should you ever find hosting the archives too much a burden for one reason or another, please let me know -- I'd be glad to assist.

Posted by: Ray Davis on October 24, 2007 10:26 PM

Having discovered your blog only a month or so ago (and having read through the complete archives in a matter of days), this is disheartening news. Your's is undoubtably the most fascinating site I've ever come across; thanks for putting so much work into it, good luck for the future, and I hope you'll let us know about any new projects.

Posted by: Cy M. on October 25, 2007 01:46 AM

Thank You. I started reading this Blog during school... I've devoured everything in it. Loved it. Sourced inspiration from it.
Thank You again!

Posted by: Tegan on October 25, 2007 04:11 AM

Aw. I feel like it's the end of Ziggy Stardust and David Bowie just said that he's breaking up the band.


But thanks, and Arrivaderci!

Posted by: Ezra on October 25, 2007 04:39 AM

Sad, your presence will be sorely missed. You're one of the small handful of people who made me realise that blogging could be a worthwhile pursuit beyond mere LiveJournal vanity. And so much of what you've written about and shown us is web-unique, and valuable as a consequence.

All the very best.


Posted by: John Coulthart on October 25, 2007 05:41 AM

Mille grazie dank merci beaucoup hey thanks
it's a fine thing you did with this.

Posted by: juke moran on October 25, 2007 06:15 AM

I think it's fair to say that your blog has done more than any other internet website to cheer up and enlighten the life of this harmless drudge. Consequently, the news that you are finishing has thrown me into a Stygian gloom for which I am holding YOU entirely responsible.

Nevertheless, thank you for all the byways and paths less well travelled that you have explored on your blog.

All the best,

Fitz Psyce

Posted by: Fitzroy Cyclonic on October 25, 2007 09:59 AM

Thank you! Good luck with your projects!

Posted by: Tia O'Connor on October 25, 2007 11:32 AM

so sad to see you go..known of your blog at least 1/2 way thru your tenure - and discovered so many new and interesting things/sites.
best wishes in the future

Posted by: glassblowingman on October 25, 2007 06:04 PM

Ce site reste une des plus grande réussite du web.
Merci pour tout.
Bonne route !

Posted by: vasco-00- on October 25, 2007 06:50 PM

Damn, I'm really sorry to hear that. Thanks for a great five years.

Posted by: language hat on October 25, 2007 07:15 PM

The Giornale was the first (and almost the only) blog I have found worth keeping up with. The rich content of the Giornale is a treasure and I have enjoyed following your interesting turn of mind.

GN stays in my rss feed reader as I am hopeful you will post word here of your next (as perhaps yet unimagined) project.

Posted by: a philosopher on October 25, 2007 10:15 PM

Thanks for the ride... always erudite, always thoughtful.

Posted by: Allan Jenkins on October 25, 2007 10:15 PM

cheers and thanks, mister h. sad to see you go.

fine work and a hole that won't be filled.

thanks for your work and best wishes!


Posted by: Gordon on October 26, 2007 07:38 AM

davvero un peccato! casomai cambiasse idea... sappia che sarà una gioia per molti.

Posted by: chiara on October 26, 2007 09:42 AM

Go on with your dreams, and know you'll be missed.

Posted by: Anne on October 26, 2007 05:49 PM

Mi dispiace molto... Grazie per tutte le belle ed interessanti cose viste e lette in questi anni! Saluti da Venezia

Posted by: David DV on October 26, 2007 05:57 PM

Thanks so much. If good things end by overcoming themselves, then how do fabulous things end? Best of luck with all that comes next.

Posted by: Elatia Harris on October 26, 2007 08:06 PM

Thanks for all your posts! Though I will definitely miss checking out GN for all things wonderful and obscure

Posted by: Ilaria on October 27, 2007 04:24 AM

its a funny medium and five years a great run. certainly added much to the more. thanks.

cheers, cheers.

Posted by: james luckett on October 27, 2007 07:49 AM

So sorry to see you go, you made a very beautiful space, best withes to you and your family.

Posted by: r on October 28, 2007 02:53 AM

For the 89 or so people thus far that have added their heartfelt best wishes to you for your positive and productive contribution to the world of webblogs I am convinced that there are thousands more behind each comment. You have many fans and rightly so.

I believe I speak on behalf of all those who have found pleasure and inspiration in your words, images, insights and overall excellent webpage design that you my friend will no doubt be missed. May you succeed in any and all future endeavors. Thanks. Marc Dennis

Posted by: Marc Dennis on October 28, 2007 08:45 PM

I'm truly a little heartbroken.
I'll always remember you as being my first blog, so long ago.

Posted by: Ethan on October 28, 2007 08:53 PM

Noooooo! This is so disappointing. Your blog is the only good resource I've found on Pulcinella, and other great topics! Reconsider! Please!!

Posted by: Patricia Buzo on October 28, 2007 10:10 PM

So sad... I discovered your blog this year, and was amazed by the collection of nice pieces of art, the interesting explanations... it immediately joined my prefered art websites (with "la Boîte à images" and "bibliodyssey").
Even if I respect your choice, and can understand it, I selfishly keep hoping that it is only a temporary break.

Take care,

Posted by: Kinette on October 28, 2007 10:58 PM

Thanks for your contribution to the discovery of so many artists ...
I wish I had commented more often ...
Welcome again if you ever change your mind ...

Posted by: Didier(?) on October 28, 2007 11:24 PM

I can't think of anything to say that hasn't been said before me. I must confess I was really shocked to hear the news, yours seemed one of those places that would always be open, to amuse and inspire; always well-thought, always well-written, without being pedantic - and that's really a bless. I can understand, though, the desire to leave at peak point.

So... thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you all the best, and hope to see you again in one form or another.

Un abbraccio, e a presto.


Posted by: Alessio on October 29, 2007 03:16 AM

oh! no! you are the best

Um grande abraço e muito obrigada.

Posted by: zazie on October 29, 2007 03:29 AM

Sad to see the end of Giornale Nuovo; it is unique. And what a neat and symmetrical good-bye you have made. You will be missed.

Posted by: mjones on October 29, 2007 10:00 PM

Oh, do leave it! I've been neglectful over the maniacal summer, season of much kid-ferrying, but was planning to catch up....

And where else can one find such a satisfying example of what a blog can be? If Giornale Nuovo departs, why should we stay?

Posted by: marlyat2 on October 29, 2007 10:44 PM

Thanks for all, your blog was gorgeous.

Posted by: greg on October 30, 2007 02:03 AM

I am sorry to see you go, but do not doubt you will go far.

Posted by: Kip Manley on October 30, 2007 06:15 AM

prior to GN Id always thought of blogs as being the domain of angsty goth girls and strange breeds of net nerds, how wrong I was. Well nothing to say that hasnt been said already, youll be missed.

PS I still have the russian short stories you sent from one of your book giveaways, much appreciated.

Posted by: xtiaan on October 30, 2007 06:46 AM

Original & Rare was your blog. Thank you for the sum of research you generously share. Thank you. Bonne continuation.

Posted by: Antoine Caillet on October 30, 2007 12:04 PM

thanks for the memories & most fine resource.
i shall surely miss your updates and like many others will miss this extraordinary resource for art, history & diveristy.

best of luck in the future!


Posted by: Josef R on October 30, 2007 05:34 PM

I've been thinking that it's over for me too - it's funny, because yours was one of the first blogs I read, and one of the inspirations to start a blog of my own. Your blog has been one of the most unusual and interesting around - you will be missed.

Posted by: Nancy on October 30, 2007 07:03 PM

Many many thanks for your fantastic blog which has provided some memorable insights into visual art.

Posted by: Mark on October 31, 2007 01:13 AM

What? Is that it then!? Where on earth will we go? It looks to be a long walk to the next Inn: mind if I borrow those shews in the sidebar? I'll have to get a new browser I suppose, the old one just seems to navigate here of her own accord. Dear oh dear. The inconvenience! Guess there's nothing for it than to soldier on if your mind's made up. Fare thee well then Sir.

Posted by: peacay on October 31, 2007 03:10 PM

Sorry. Needed more than just the shews. 'The Funeral Obsequies of Sir'.[*]

Posted by: peacay on October 31, 2007 03:44 PM

Good-bye and see you again.

Posted by: zettel on October 31, 2007 04:43 PM
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