October 11, 2007

House of Rats

Burning Inside, an exhibition of Judith Schaechter’s work in stained glass, opens at the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York tomorrow. I mentioned Judith’s work here once before, and was delighted to hear from her again this summer, announcing both the (then forthcoming) exhibition, and her new website, House of Rats.

Detail from 'Puppets,' a stained glass picture by Judith Schaechter.


Detail from 'Winter and Spring,' a stained glass picture by Judith Schaechter.
Judith Schaechter’s stained glass windows are composed of flash glass: a thin veneer of brilliant color bonded to paler layers of color underneath. Most of the color is harbored within the glass itself; Schaechter reveals it by sandblasting and engraving the flash and then often layering several pieces together. She models her images in black enamel, fired on the kiln, and sometimes adds silver stain or cold paint. The windows are then assembled with the copper foil technique, and installed in a light box—(source).
Detail from 'Multiplication Table,' a stained glass picture by Judith Schaechter.


Detail from 'He's Haunted,' a stained glass picture by Judith Schaechter.
When I start a new piece, it’s like I’ve never done anything artwise before. All accumulated knowledge is really useless because I want to make something truly brand-new every time; like reinventing the wheel without the benefit of remembering round shapes. This may seem utterly disingenuous considering my output has a very consistent look to it […] I figure that’s because though I may be reinventing, I “independently” come to similar conclusions all the time. And obviously I can’t really forget what I know. I just don’t rely on it.—(source).
Detail from 'The Floor,' a stained glass picture by Judith Schaechter.


Detail from 'Monument,' a stained glass picture by Judith Schaechter.

In Alex Baxter’s preface to the book Extra Virgin: The Stained Glass of Judith Schaechter, he quotes the artist thus: ‘My work’s not intended to make comfortable people unhappy, although it may make unhappy people comfortable:’ a just and pithy assessment, I think. The images above are all Copyright © 2000-07 Judith Schaechter: they are details of works pictured at the artist’s website (click to see the images in full), and have been reproduced here with her permission.

Posted by misteraitch at October 11, 2007 09:49 PM

That's stunningly beautiful.

Posted by: Ele on October 12, 2007 06:38 PM

Fabulous pieces. A name new to me, working in a medium that clearly still has vast potential. Thanks for the introduction.

Posted by: Dick on October 12, 2007 10:53 PM

Whoa. Those floor tiles. I'd love to see them up close. By the way, did you notice that stained glass is one of the few media that looks better on a computer screen than on a book, even a well-printed one?

Posted by: Sixpack Chopra on October 14, 2007 01:41 AM
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