February 23, 2005

István Orosz

István Orosz (1951-), is a Hungarian graphic artist who has worked as a theatre-designer and an animator, and has produced numerous poster-designs and series of woodcuts and engravings. His smaller-scale graphic works are notable for their optical trickery, and brain-twizzling Escher-like illusory effects.

'Pergola', engraving by István Orosz.

Orosz’s works employing anamorphosis (meaning, in this context, the inclusion of images distorted such that they only become clearly visible when reflected in a suitably-shaped and positioned mirror), are the most satisfying and accomplished of their kind that I have seen.

'Cavalry', engraving by István Orosz, 1995.


'Crossroads', engraving by István Orosz.
It is difficult—and pointless—for me to say much about the pictures themselves, but if you enjoy having corners pop in and out, if you like labyrinths, endless stairs, columns that are impossible to count, and if you then begin to think about the play between content and form, you will find rich pasture for your mind to graze - Rene Wanner (source).
Engraving by István Orosz.


'Piranesi in Budapest', coloured engraving by István Orosz.

There are more images of Orosz’s work at the Marlena Agency’s site; at the artist’s own, old Geocities pages; at this Russian ‘Impossible World’ site, and elsewhere. I ‘discovered’ Orosz’s work yesterday, in the course some random googling, only later to realise I had seen some of it almost a year and a half ago, courtesy of Signor Mori’s ever-excellent Cipango.

'The Magic Window', coloured engraving by István Orosz.

Click on the images above to see them ever-so-slightly enlarged. The images are all copyright © István Orosz, and have been reproduced without permission, only for as long as no-one objects to their presence here.

Posted by misteraitch at February 23, 2005 01:54 PM

I saw my first examples of his work recently at a special exhibition at the Escher Museum in Den Haag. It was quite exceptional!

Posted by: Felicity on February 27, 2005 03:28 AM
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