January 13, 2005

Judith Schaechter

I’m grateful to Judith Schaechter for her e-mail of a few days ago, which led me back to some images of her work (a few of which I’ve reproduced below) at the Philadelphia-based missionCREEP site. Ms Schaechter is an artist whose preferred medium is that of stained glass…

'Dutch Tile Fever', stained glass by Judith Schaechter, 2002.


'Snakes and Ladders', stained glass by Judith Schaechter, 2002.
I guess it can all be chalked up to phototropism. I took stained glass as an elective in art school (I was a painting major at the time) and haven’t quit yet. […] Ironically, I find my “artistic voice” is liberated only by the severest of technical restrictions. The more monotonous and difficult a process, the more exciting I find it. Incidentally, for this reason I’ve always found the process of painting intolerable. Nothing is more horrible than a blank canvas and nothing more easily filled with meaningless, arty brush strokes. […] Another major reason I stick with stained glass is because I think the raw material is pretty. The uncut sheets of colored glass are really seductive, awesome, and unarguably lovely things. Naturally, the temptation to cut and damage all that pristine beauty is too much for me to resist.
'Cylone and Cyclone Fence', stained glass by Judith Schaechter, 1998.


'Donkey Ducky Dream', stained glass by Judith Schaechter, 2003.

The foregoing is extracted from Ms Schaechter’s account of her method & motivations at the missionCREEP site. I very much like the look of these works even as smallish JPEGs, but, someday, I’d love to see them close-up in good, natural light. Any of you who will be in Philadelphia next month (between the 4th and the 27th) will be able to get a good look at a few of them at the Nexus gallery, where a missionCREEP group show is to be staged.

'Jazz Funeral for Didi', stained glass by Judith Schaechter, 1994.

Click on the images to see them slightly enlarged. The works pictured are Copyright © Judith Schaechter, and are reproduced here with permission.

Update, July ’07. Judith has informed me that there is a new website devoted to her work: see it here.

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Ooh. Beautiful!

Posted by: Johan A on January 13, 2005 01:21 PM

These are fabulous. Thanks for airing them.

Posted by: Dick Jones on January 14, 2005 12:34 AM

How perverse and wonderful. I checked out her site, and the associated "MissionCreep", which was also full of very alternate art!

You have a marvelous knack of finding the strange, extra-ordinary and out of this world (literally) on the internet.

Thank you!

Posted by: Felicity on January 14, 2005 07:57 PM

These are beautiful! But so disconcerting.

Posted by: mjones on January 21, 2005 04:40 AM
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