August 21, 2004


When my wife and I go to Malmö, we will usually make a point of stopping by the Pressbyrån store at the Central Station to pick up an armful of English-language magazines, of which they stock a fine selection. On one of our recentest visits there I bought a copy of Defrag, an Italian publication (but with English text, too) whose focus is on ‘Art [particularly ‘Street’ Art], Music and Urban Culture’. Of all the images therein, my eye was drawn in particular to some black-and-white collages by a Designer and Artist called Lorenzo Petrantoni.

Collage by Lorenzo Petrantoni (2002/03).


Collage by Lorenzo Petrantoni (2002/03).

Petrantoni is based in Milan, where he works as an Art Director at an advertising agency. Of his collages, he writes:

I am a picture thief […] My search leads me to the past and I scour through old books, magazines and encyclopaedias for iconographic booty - source here.
Collage by Lorenzo Petrantoni (2002/03).


'Codice', collage by Lorenzo Petrantoni, 2003.

I lifted the present images from Two-Zero and the Wooster Collective. Behind the fourth image (above), and the sixth (below), are larger copies of the same that I scanned from the magazine. For a few more works by Petrantoni, try looking here, here & here.



'Freccia', collage by Lorenzo Petrantoni (2002).

These works are Copyright © 2002-04 Lorenzo Petrantoni, and are reproduced without permission, only for as long as no-one objects to their presence here.

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I love them! It must be fun to be him. Very inventive.

Posted by: eva on August 21, 2004 11:26 PM

Hello there,
I have been following your journal for a short while now, and was utterly shocked and amazed to see the collage by Lorenzo Petrantoni featuring an image that I myself have recently used in one of my own pieces of work! The reason this is so surprising is that I found the picture of the little girl in an old scrapbook from the 1880's, here in the US, about a year ago, and have not come across another like it in my towering stacks of collage material. How strange to be led by chance to another's artwork utilizing the same ephemera! Thanks for posting this. Here is a link to a representation of how I used the image (sans background):

Posted by: Myrrh on August 24, 2004 06:05 AM
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