September 27, 2003

Mira Calligraphiæ Monumenta

I felt like adorning thse pages with some scans from my copy of the facsimile edition of the Mira Calligraphiæ Monumenta (a book I’ve mentioned a couple of times before), so, here we are:

Folio 3: Love-in-a-mist; sweet cherry; spanish chestnut.

Folio 10: Damselfly; French rose, pink, semidouble; spanish chestnut, spider.

Folio 13: Medlar; poppy anemone; common pear.

Folio 40: Imaginary butterfly; snakeshead; english walnut; sweet cherry.

Folio 51: Unidentifiable caterpillar; common pear; tulip - pink - bordered white; purple snail.

Folio 60: Pink tulip; imaginary insect; worm.

Folio 64: European wild pansy; artichoke.

Folio 94: Hyacinth - white bud; black mulberry; unidentifiable caterpillar.

On many of the folios the calligraphy begins flush with the left-hand edge of the page, making it difficult to scan the pages’ contents complete without mutilating the book: I settled for scanning pages where the text and image block was more-or-less centred. Click on any of the images above to see a larger-than-lifesize version of the same.

Posted by misteraitch at September 27, 2003 11:55 AM | TrackBack

those pages are just gorgeous, thank you for sharing them.

Posted by: eris on September 27, 2003 08:27 PM

Do you happen to know what kind of material the artist used to ahcieve this look?
Would it be graphit and oil chalk???

Posted by: tam on March 4, 2004 04:29 AM

Watercolour and gouache, apparently.

Posted by: misteraitch on March 5, 2004 07:09 PM
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