August 28, 2003


Whilst there is nothing remarkably original about the work of contemporary Italian painter Pierluigi Isola (1958-), I very much enjoy his coolly and quietly enigmatic still-life pieces.

'Cerimonia Magica', oil on canvas, 1989.


'La Scatola Della Memoria', oil on panel, 1998.

His landscapes and street scenes (not pictured here), which almost always have his native city of Rome as their subject, likewise seem depopulated, and quietly spellbound.

'Rebus', oil on panel, 1998.


'Le Perle di Mnemosyne', oil on canvas, 2002.

I first saw Isola’s work at the big Quadriennale show in Rome in 1996, which served as my crash-course introduction to contemporary Italian art in general.

'La Pietra Scartata', Oil on panel, 2003.


'Le Cotogne di Monte Acuto, oil on canvas, 2001.

I lifted the above images from these sites. Clicking on them will open slightly larger pop-up versions of the same.

Posted by misteraitch at August 28, 2003 11:07 AM | TrackBack

There's indeed something rebus-like about these. They aren't laconic at all, however...

On another note, have you seen this? (scroll down to July 17, "Maximal Minimalist" entry -- the permalink refuses to work.)

Posted by: E. on August 30, 2003 02:10 AM

Very nice.

Posted by: beth on August 30, 2003 09:22 PM
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