June 12, 2003

Vallotton’s Woodcuts

Here is a selection of woodcuts by the Swiss-born artist Félix Vallotton (1865-1925), which I’ve gathered from diverse corners of the internet.

'La Manifestation', woodcut by Vallotton, 1893.

'Le Mauvais Pas', woodcut by Vallotton, 1890s?

Vallotton’s bold designs, influenced by Japanese wood-block prints, helped establish the young artist’s reputation in 1890s Paris. These were just one aspect of his prolific output: he completed roughly 1,700 paintings in all, and still found time to write three novels…

'Le Violon', woodcut by Vallotton.

'L'Averse', woodcut by Vallotton.

I discovered them by way of a slim hardcover volume entitled Vallotton: Graphics that I borrowed one day in ’94 or ’95 from Bristol Public Library. Even though I only kept the book for a few weeks, some of the images reproduced therein left sharply-outlined impressions in my memory.

'La Paresse', woodcut by Vallotton, 1896.

'Le Confiant', woodcut by Vallotton.

Clicking on most of these images will open slightly larger, pop-up versions of the same. One more link, about the art of the woodcut in general: here.

'Bathers', woodcut by Vallotton.

Self-portrait woodcut by Vallotton.
Posted by misteraitch at June 12, 2003 11:33 AM | TrackBack

Hmm! Interesting. I've only seen a few examples of Vallotton’s work. The center one, of the nude on the patterned coverlet, reminds me of Beardsley, who was also influenced by Japanese prints, wasn't he? Nice!

Posted by: beth on June 13, 2003 01:34 PM

hi. this stuff is sort of awesome. could anyone tell me of more woodcut artists to look into?
also, how does one make a woodcut, a block of wood a knife and some ink? or is there some other step to it?
ok thanks,

Posted by: toby on June 15, 2003 07:26 PM
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